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The 2015 Gem You Most Regret Missing?

We all have back-logs, right?

Mine's not so bad these days, as I'm a lot more selective in what I play, and I don't have as much time to dedicate to gaming as I used to.

But I've still got a few titles I missed out on playing 2015, either because I simply couldn't get to them or they were on a platform I just don't use. One of these games was the acclaimed Undertale , which I heard a ton of great things about but as it's only available on PC, I just never played it ( despise playing games on my desktop; has nothing to do with specs or whatever). It's just one of those wicked cool retro productions that I think I would've really enjoyed; maybe one day it'll show up on the PlayStation Store.

Is there a 2015 game that has been sitting in your back-log for a while now? There were a lot of great titles released last year, and I find it hard to believe you had time to play all the games you wanted to. 😉 By the way, I would've said Rise of the Tomb Raider but as I know it's coming to PS4 later this year, I'm not that regretful. After all, I know I'm getting the definitive version of that title on my console of choice, anyway.