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Popular MOBA Smite Finally Hits PS4

It's on Xbox One and PC and now it's time for PlayStation 4 owners to get in on the slashin' fun.

Developer Hi-Rez has announced that the entertaining MOBA Smite debuted on February 19 on PS4. The game is currently in a closed alpha state and if you want to check it out, sign up here .

This free-to-play experience doesn't yet have a date for the final, public version but here's hoping it isn't far off. The game was originally released on PC back in 2014, then on Xbox One in 2015. PS4 owners can look forward to five free gods (Ymir, Thor, Neith, Guan Yu and Ra), along with all the gods currently available. You can unlock more gods by playing or by purchasing them with real cash.

The latest version is also getting some exclusive skins, including Odin's "World's Collide," which will be handed out to players who link their PS4 systems to a Hi-Rez account. Those with a PlayStation Plus subscription can look forward to snagging Kulkulkan's "KuKu4" skin. The third and final skin is Ymir's "C4codemon," which comes with the Smite Founder's Pack. It's a $30 option that gives you access to all current and future characters, as well as 400 gems, the Ares "Soldier of Fortune" skin, and guaranteed access to the beta.

Not everyone likes the free-to-play MOBA setup, but one of our guys thinks Paragon could be pretty dang fun .

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7 years ago

Havent played smite before but I have played League alot, not sure if i'd like smite but would defo try it on ps4.

7 years ago

Im playing the cloased alpha and im in enjoying it. I thought i liked MOBAS : BUT I LIikr this 1

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