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New MGO Update Changes Respawns, Brings In Quiet

The online component for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain had a few issues at launch…and that was frustrating.

But Konami has sorted things out and now they've announced a new update for Metal Gear Online ; this will make changes to the game's respawning mechanics and introduce Quiet as a new multiplayer character.

As revealed at Konami's website , the next update will change respawn placement after players kill themselves or die due to being fultoned. Bottom line? Nobody will be able to choose where they respawn anymore; everyone will respawn at HQ. Additionally, the patch will change respawn locales for the Comm Control mode as well. Currently, players can respawn at any Comm Link station controlled by their team but as the developers explained:

"This felt a bit frantic, and forced players into a stressful situation when claiming a Comm Link, even if they managed to overtake the enemy upon entering it. After the update, if an enemy player is in the middle of recapturing your team's Comm Link, you can no longer choose that location as a respawn point, but now must make your way to reclaim your threatened Comm Link."

We'll also get Quiet, who comes to MGO in March via the Cloaked in Silence expansion. As you might expect, Quiet is an expert sniper and she'll "have an aim that's almost perfectly accurate in both third-person and first-person with minimum to no camera sway." She will also have the added benefit of "exceptional movement speed" and in fact, she can sprint infinitely in MGO. She'll even be able to cloak while sprinting, although this particular boost has a cooldown period, so use it wisely. Added Konami:

"Her quick movement speed also allows her to jump to the tops of ladders and up to high platforms. You can fully see these skills in action when playing in maps with multi-level verticality."

The Cloaked in Silence expansion drops next month, though we don't have an exact date just yet. this will deliver three new maps in addition to Quiet as a playable MGO character. We'll also get a new "Appeal Action" feature, which lets players express themselves with a special pose; battle, dance, hero, etc. The Cloaked in Silence add-on will go for $4, while the Appeal Packs will go for $2 each.

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