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Grand Theft Auto Online V-Day Content Leaks Out Online

It's hard to get all lovey-dovey in a game like Grand Theft Auto V but that isn't stopping Rockstar from delivering a Valentine's Day update.

Details for the GTAO upcoming content have appeared online before the studio has officially unveiled anything. Some of the incoming items were discovered within the data for recently added cars and modes, and a few ambitious data miners have found that the new V-Day content will include a new version of the Roosevelt car :

How is it a Valentine's Day remodel? Well, the car isn't exactly pink but it sounds wicked cool; here's part of the description::

"Lovingly remodelled, with room for a new suite of personal modifications, the latest edition of our classic Roosevelt represents a new height of criminal refinement, taking you back to the golden age of fraud, racketeering and murder when all you had to worry about were a few charges of tax evasion."

You can see the car in action below thanks to YouTube user Bender. Furthermore, you can expect a bunch of new outfit options that also fall into the American gangster theme, so perhaps this is all about romanticizing the '20s gangster era…? Romance is in there somewhere, you see.

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7 years ago

As much as I appreciate cars of the past, $982K is too much for me.

I'll definitely try out the clothes though.

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