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Driveclub’s February Update Includes New Hardcore Difficulty

Not long after developer Evolution Studios teased the upcoming February DLC for Driveclub , the studio's boss unveils the first major addition:

A Hardcore difficulty option for those who want a very steep challenge.

That's right, game director Paul Rustchynsky announced on Twitter that Hardcore will strip away a lot of the support tools that make control easier. So, you'll be taking to the track without the benefit of traction control or stability control, and other assists will be disabled as well. In other words, if you don't stay on the track, you're toast.

The only downside is that this new difficulty option isn't customizable. In other words, you can't pick and choose which driving assists you want to disable, as all this will be packaged within the Hardcore Handling option. You'll also still be competing on the existing leaderboards, as Rustchynsky confirmed that February's updated won't include any fresh leaderboards.

Think you can handle Hardcore?

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7 years ago

Yes please. I hope it makes the drifting better.

7 years ago

Speaking of hardcore difficulty… I was wandering, since Gran Turismo gets lot of love here, will this site be covering news of Assetto Corsa coming to PS4, which is running good on PS4 currently with more work yet to be done.

Banky A
Banky A
7 years ago

Hardout. Foaming in the mouth for Assetto.

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