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The Inside Tech Scoop On Quantic’s E3 Demo, The Dark Sorcerer

Here's a scary thought: That amazing Quantic Dream tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer , didn't even utilize the full development toolkit for the PlayStation 4.

A somewhat noisy E3 camera video shot by YouTube user TheAireaidLord (as spotted by DualShockers ) shows Quantic Dream QA Manager Gavin Niebel, who is relaying a lot of compelling behind-the-scenes details.

That demo has no pre-rendering, post-production or video inserts, and represents "only the first iteration" of the studio's development cycle for the PS4. It runs between 30 and 90FPS as the frame rate hasn't been fully optimized just yet, but it does it all at a native 1080p resolution, textures included. And it was built with the PS3 development tools they've already utilized for Beyond: Two Souls . Therefore, can you imagine what that might look like once Quantic has their hands on the full PS4 dev kit…?! That's gonna be insane .

The set in that presentation is comprised of a ridiculous one million triangles, and the volumetric lighting is completely dynamic between the "movie" and "studio" conditions. Maurice the Gobline is made up of 700,000 triangles, 40 different shaders, 150 megs of texture data, and 388 different bones. Lastly, all of this was accomplished by using only 4GB of GDDR5 RAM of the available 8GB in the PS4. Impressive stuff.