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Homefront: The Revolution Lands A May 17 Release Date

This could end up being a huge sleeper hit for 2016.

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studio have announced that the open-world shooter Homefront: The Revolution will launch on May 17 in North America for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. It will release three days later in other regions.

The first game was really solid and a surprise to many, but it lacked some depth and length and the sequel should have plenty of both. If you're interested, you might get a chance to participate in the upcoming closed beta. It'll kick off in February but it will also be exclusive to Xbox One and you need a Beta token; Deep Silver and Microsoft will be giving these away over the next few weeks. For more info, check out the game's official website .

The Revolution takes place in 2029, which is only two years after the events in the original. The main character – Ethan Brady – will return as well, and he'll have to lead a team of never-say-die rebels against the Korean army invasion. The game will feature what should be an involving campaign and four-player online co-op. If you're wondering, no, competitive multiplayer doesn't really fit this game and if you haven't already, you gotta check out one of the trailers:

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7 years ago

Loved the 1st one & am looking forward to these new developers doing this 2nd game even better.

"Take that, North Korea"

7 years ago

Never played the first one because of the mediocre reviews….I wonder if I miss something by passing it entirely.

7 years ago


You can find it here at this eBay link, for only $5.05 w/free shipping too.
So that should be super cheap enough for you to enjoy it at that price.

Besides, if you don't wind up enjoying it, you can always use it as a mini-Frisbee.

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