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Konami Plans New MGO DLC, Patch 1.02 Details Released

Metal Gear Online is about to get even better.

The popular online component of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain had a rocky start but things are rolling along nicely now, and Konami is prepared to deliver some fresh content, too.

As announced on the game's Twitter page , the upcoming DLC will include fresh maps and Survival Mode, which MGO fans may remember from previous iterations.

Additionally, Konami announced a new patch; version 1.02 will offer a variety of fixes and improvements, as you can see in the full patch notes . As if that isn't enough, in the future, the team will deliver another update that will alter the character revive system:

"In previous MGO titles, it took a little more effort than a single kick to wake up your knocked out allies. Listening to player feedback, we're looking into requiring that extra effort to wake up your allies, so that there is greater risk when you stick your neck out to revive your friends."

We'll let you know when Konami plans to release the DLC; hopefully, it'll be sooner rather than later.

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7 years ago

lol @ Konami

7 years ago

Is MGSO any good? I love MGS, but could never bring myself to go online with it.

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