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You’ll Soon Be Able To Reach Legendary Levels In Dying Light

The new Enhanced Edition is sounding better and better.

Developer Techland has released the first in a new series of videos that spotlight the new features in the upgraded Dying Light version.

First off, the team showed off the Legendary level system, which basically allows players to get stronger after they've maxed out the skill tree.

Once you've finished the skill tree, you'll start earning experience toward your Legendary Level, which doesn't max out until 250! You can get crazy powerful, too; you'll deal more damage, significantly increase your stats, and earn new outfits, emblems and even weapons. This really reminds me of the Paragon system that showed up after Diablo III launched; I definitely kept pushing forward with my character!

Recently, Techland announced a price increase for the Dying Light Season Pass and the expansion, The Following. But that's because the size and scope of the DLC is just plain huge.

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