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Guitar Hero Live Update Brings New Mode: Rival Challenges

Guitar Hero Live just got bigger and better.

Activision has announced a huge new update for the well-received music game and it's based largely on community feedback.

This update adds a new GHTV mode called Rival Challenges, which lets players square off in one-on-one throwdowns to see who can snag the highest score. There's one twist to this straightforward formula though: You don't choose the songs; Activision does. They also select your opponent but don't worry, that opponent will be "of relatively close skill level" and both participants have to be Level 10 or over to even qualify for the Rival Challenges.

The winner will earn 100 XP along with other bonuses (like special "personalization items") and for a full breakdown of how the mode works, click here . Have you checked out the rebooted Guitar Hero yet?

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