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Guerrilla Walks You Through 21 Minutes Of Killzone: Shadow Fall

For many, it's the most anticipated title of the next generation. Killzone is back!

It was shown off during Sony's E3 press conference, but you probably didn't see the full 21-minute presentation put on by developer Guerrilla Games.

The gameplay in question isn't totally unfamiliar; we saw at least part of it when the game was officially unveiled back in February. However, after going through that segment, the designers dig into the nuts and bolts of the new technology behind this production. They even talk about a fresh piece of tech that allows them to add a thin film of dust to the world. This is the sort of meticulous attention to detail the power of the next-gen systems can provide. And Killzone has always excelled in the realm of graphics, anyway.

If you're interested in the development process of games, you gotta check this out. All you tech buffs will appreciate it!

Thanks, Zak!