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Newly Discovered Battlefront Easter Egg

Not everyone likes Star Wars: Battlefront .

For example, confirmed franchise fan and Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley told EA to go jump off a bridge when the company approached him about promoting DICE's new multiplayer shooter on social media.

But here's a very special Easter Egg that long-time series aficionados should appreciate: As spotted by GamesRadar , a brief cut-scene setting up the Empire's goal in Walker Assault mode shows us a stormtrooper bonking his head into the stairs in front of him. This appears to be a direct reference to the classic – and now well-known – blooper in "Star Wars: A New Hope," when a stormtropper hits his head on a door.

You can see both below. If you're unfamiliar with the blooper, watch the stormtrooper in the right rear after the door opens.

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8 years ago

Poor guy was aiming for under the door frame the whole time.

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