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PlayStation Collectible Cards Will Be Revealed In December

Are you a card collector at heart?

If so, and you also plan on attending a certain big event next month, you'll be excited to start a brand new collection in December.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , new PlayStation Collectible Cards will soon make their auspicious debut. Sony intends to release the first 35 during the upcoming PlayStation Experience event in December, and you're welcome to try to collect 'em all. Bear in mind that there are common and rare versions of certain cards so if you want every last one, there will actually be 66 to nab.

You get these cards by playing games at the PlayStation Experience and by doing a little digging around the show floor. Sony is also teasing "another, secret layer to this collectible game" that they're not about to reveal just yet. And by the way, once all the cards are gone, they're gone. That's it.

I wonder if the cards will become accessible in other ways after the event…

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