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Assassin Creed IV’s Game Lab Lets You Create Multiplayer Modes

Doesn't it sound like fun to create new multiplayer game modes all by yourself?

When interviewing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag director Damien Kieken, Joystiq learned that the new franchise installment will feature something called the Game Lab.

Basically, it lets you create and share your own custom multiplayer matches. With over 200 different parameters that can be customized, there are countless multiplayer match types that can be generated. Limit certain abilities, restrict various weapons, stick to a certain part of the world, etc. This way, you can specifically tailor every multiplayer encounter precisely the way you want it. Sharing with your friends will allow you to brag and say things like- "see, I should become a game designer!"

This is one of several new enhancements we've heard of in ACIV. Still, it might've been useful to take a year off and regroup. Speaking of restrictions and limitations, "annualization" has that sort of negative impact on a franchise, simply due to a lack of required time.

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11 years ago

Never mind that ability, I'd just like to have the TIME to waste doing something like that.

11 years ago

dang, limitless potential for a mode eh? neat. i hope to see one of the "best" modes in assassin's creed 5 then ha!

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