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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Teaser Trailer, Full Unveiling On Tuesday

Unsurprisingly, Activision will lift the veil on Call of Duty: Ghosts at the same time they officially announce the new Xbox. Yep, that's tomorrow, May 21.

In the meantime, the franchise's Twitter page posted up a teaser video. It doesn't show us much but it does give us a few hints concerning this year's fresh CoD effort.

It looks like a quick quasi-wire-frame glance at Ghosts , which is scheduled to launch on November 5 for current consoles and PC. The game will also see release on the next-gen systems as well, although we don't yet have a specific date for that one. As for Microsoft's big event, it all begins at 10 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, so make sure to check it out if you're interested. As for Ghosts , we just care that it has a brand new engine, new story, new setting, etc.

"New" is a very good word to associate with this series, I'd say.