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Japan Studio Reveals Panopticon Teaser, More Info On May 21

We haven't seen all the big games that might be scheduled for this year's holiday season. There are likely many PS4 launch titles that currently remain unannounced.

Is this one of them? Japan Studio, who is already prepping the PS4 launch game Knack , has released a new trailer for another project, which looks all sorts of ambitious and intriguing.

It's called Panopticon and it boasts a vibrant cel-shaded palette. We're apparently in futuristic London, where humans are branded with ID numbers and giant dragons threaten the populace. There doesn't appear to be any gameplay in this video, as it's mostly story-related cut-scenes, but we're still intrigued. A countdown at the title's teaser site ends on May 21, which means we can probably expect a full unveiling then. Perhaps not coincidentally, May 21 is the day Microsoft will officially announce the new Xbox.

We always said Sony would have to make several announcements to keep the PS4 hype train speeding along after the Xbox 720 was revealed. Maybe Panopticon will help in that capacity…