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Take-Two Knew Evolve Was A Bit Too “Multiplayer Focused”

Evolve is a great game…provided you want to play with others. It's not quite the same experience going solo.

But publisher Take-Two Interactive knew that. And they also cite it as a "lacking," which implies that the next title might have a heftier single-player component.

After confirming that Evolve is a permanent franchise alongside Red Dead , Civilization , Bioshock , and of course, Grand Theft Auto , Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick talked about the success of Turtle Rock's well-received game. He says there has been "something like 27 million game sessions played" and they've moved over 2.5 million units.

Zelnick added that it's an "important franchise" but:

" We think we've developed another permanent IP. But if there were something lacking, I would say it would be that it was probably a bit too multiplayer-focused, which we knew all along. "

Don't forget that Take-Two specializes in fantastic single-player experiences, as evidenced by their library of games. Obviously, they feel it's an essential part of the interactive experience, which is precisely why their games tend to be awesome. 😉

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8 years ago

Ahem. This is gonna feel good.

Told ya so.

8 years ago

I think it was the ridiculous DLC model that turned people off of this game though…

I think it would have sold even more if it was cheaper and didn't have the crazy DLC stuff at launch.

Last edited by xenris on 5/29/2015 3:23:45 PM

8 years ago

They might have realized this earlier. Announcing the season pass before you've shown a single screenshot suggests that something was out-of-whack from the beginning.

8 years ago

I loved Evolve and played it for a good 30 hours but it became harder and harder finding people to play with and sometimes I would just be stuck in the lobbies for ages waiting for a match up.

I traded it in at that point as I thought it would not get any better numbers wise.

Multiplayer games live and die on their community and Evolve sort of lost theirs through their DLC prices and slowness to patch anything.

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