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Pre-Order NBA 2K16, Start Playing Four Days Before Launch

These days, we need more incentive to pre-order, as it's often a guarantee that the retailer will have enough copies.

Well, how's about being able to play the game early? Like, four days early?

Last week, developer 2K Sports revealed the pre-order bonuses for this year's NBA 2K16 and topping the list is "Early Tip-Off Weekend."

Anyone who pre-orders the game at stores or online will get a chance to start playing on September 25 as opposed to September 29, the game's official launch date. Plus, they'll receive 10,000 in Virtual Currency (VC) along with a hefty MyTEAM VIP Package (click the link above for details). As for specific game information, 2K hasn't come forward just yet but they do have high aspirations for the new entry. Said vice president of marketing Alfie Brody:

"NBA 2K16 promises to be one of the most groundbreaking sports titles in video game history, combining exciting new features with uncanny realism."

Early access and a bunch of goodies just for putting your deposit down? Sounds good to us.

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8 years ago

I really loved 2K14 but decided to pass on the 2015 version because of how similar the two were.

I will take a wait and see approach with 2K16 too.

8 years ago

yeah okay thats kinda a good incentive for you to pre order if you like basketball games

happy gaming

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