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Bloodborne Multiplayer Details And Hints

Okay, so let's say you're getting your ass handed to you in Bloodborne (don't worry, it's a common thing).

If you want to team up, or if you'd rather hone your skills against human players, check out a detailed post over at the PlayStation Blog .

It guides you through the available multiplayer options and offers some helpful hints if you're new to the experience. Remember, Bloodborne offers both cooperative and versus online multiplayer fun, so feel free to experiement. Up to three players can enjoy the game together and the blog post shows how to initiate such a session. If you didn't already know, you need the Beckoning Bell if you want to play Host to other willing players.

They also explain how multiplayer works within Chalice Dungeons, which is good to know for all you advanced players out there. Would you consider yourself "advanced?" Or are you still plugging away, just hoping to survive?

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8 years ago

I'm on New Game Plus right now and loving it. Going to beat it and get a different ending and then roll a Skill based character me thinks.

8 years ago

Tip; it's already too late for you now but if you want to see all three endings simply upload your save to PS+ before the last confrontation and cycle through them by redownloading your pre-confrontation save.

There are two main endings and one secret ending.

None of them are "bad".

Last edited by Shauneepeak on 4/6/2015 7:54:22 AM

8 years ago

Well I heard about them after I beat it, I like to go into these things blind. I ate the cords, because I wanted to see what would happen so I guess I got that ending.

I'm going to beat it in NG+ get a different ending and then make a new character for the third ending. I love this game too much to cheese the different endings 😛

8 years ago

yeah i was looking forward to that co-op stuff in the dungeons look really good in that tralier

happy gaming

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