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Axiom Verge Developer Tom Happ Reflects On His Journey

One guy made Axiom Verge . One .

Okay, so it's a retro-themed 2D "Metroidvania" game and not exactly Grand Theft Auto . But strictly from a brainstorming and design standpoint, accomplishing this feat all by your lonesome is pretty damn impressive.

Check out Happ's breakdown of this process over at the PlayStation Blog . What began as a "fun side hobby" became a serious pursuit and the result is an immensely well-received game. Just check out some of the reviews it's getting; after, make sure to watch the recently revealed launch trailer below.

Yes, I will review this game. So looking forward to it, too.

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mk ultra
mk ultra
8 years ago

This game looks awesome, I can't wait to play it. I have it downloaded, but it will have to wait because I can't seem to stop playing Bloodborne at the moment.

It's amazing only one guy made it. How many people can design, draw, code, write music and everything else it takes to make a game, and do it well. This guy deserves a metal or something.

Looking forward to your review.

8 years ago

yeah it is amazing for only one guy

8 years ago

looks like a pretty awsome retro game, i would mind giving it a try at some point

happy gaming

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