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Evolve DLC Trailer Shows Off Behemoth, Four New Hunters

Want a peek at the new content that will be delivered next week?

Developer Turtle Rock Studios has released a gameplay trailer that shows off Evolve 's upcoming DLC, slated to land on March 31.

Included in the video is the game's fourth playable monster, a massive beast simply called Behemoth. Plus, we get a look at the four new Hunter characters, which will undoubtedly add even more variety and reason to experiment. As for Behemoth, the developer says it's the "largest monster there will ever be in Evolve ." He can't jump; he just levels the landscape – and anything else he encounters – as he moves, so Hunters will really have to work together to take him down.

The DLC also includes two free maps and a free Observer Mode. Even if you don't purchase the new monster or the new Hunters, you can still play alongside these new characters, which is great news. When you see 'em, you might then be inclined to buy 'em.

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8 years ago

maybe ill bite. i ended up buying the game for $35

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