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Thief Reboot Has Endured A Long, Hard Road At Eidos Montreal

It might be my most anticipated next-generation title right now, but the game has certainly had its fair share of hindering development issues.

In a recent Polygon report , we learn that the Thief reboot has been in the works at Eidos Montreal since 2008. And anonymous sources are saying that corporate politics and corporate confusion have led to inflated production costs.

It seems the game has hit a number of snags, and it didn't help that numerous senior and junior team members escaped. It was a long, hard road to the end of the "vertical slice;" that's industry terminology for a demonstration of the potential art, design, gameplay and overall theme. This is presented to a publisher and the publisher then decides if the project should enter full production. To further complicate matters, a separate Eidos Montreal team began working on Deus Ex: Human Revolution . Thankfully, despite causing Thief more issues (apparently), the new Deus Ex fared well.

Then, Square Enix acquired Eidos in early 2009 and they asked to see the vertical slice for the Thief reboot. This is when things started to pick up because after only nine months, they got the presentation and gave the project the green light. We can't be sure how many people left the team, and we don't know how long – in total – the reboot has been held up. All we know is that we want it. It's scheduled to hit the PS4, PC and presumably the new Xbox in 2014.

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11 years ago

" and it didn't help that numerous senior and junior team members escaped"

haha, so did they slip out of their chains at night or something?

Looking forward to this because it may be awhile for the next Dishonored.

11 years ago

Shame Nomura doesn't escape from his chains over at SE.

11 years ago

oh great this is not what we needed to hear about this!
was already worried this was going to be a disappointment simply because its been in development for so long, and, well, whenever that happens the result normally is mediocrity.
then they come out with this noting countless staff, and high ranked staff at that, have left.
oh great, way to boost our confidence up!
please dont screw this up eidos, the stealth genre is FAR too fickle to survive another one of its pioneers topple!!!!!!!!

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