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The Order Inspires Horse-Drawn Uber Rides In New Zealand

Oh come on, you know you'd want to do this. If you lived in Auckland, New Zealand, that is.

As reported by Twinfinite , delivery service Uber has teamed up with Sony to offer Auckland residents a singular lifetime experience.

It's nothing too crazy but it's still very atmospheric, just like the game in question: Via the Uber mobile app, you can request a pickup with a horse-drawn carriage and inside that carriage is a TV and PlayStation 4. Obviously, you can anticipate The Order: 1886 sitting in the machine as well. Said SCE New Zealand Marketing Manager Krister Robinson:

"This game is the perfect marriage of past, myth and modern technology. Everything in the game, from the characters, the enemy, the weapons, the setting and the technology has been crafted to bring this to life. We’re looking forward to offering some passengers a one-off travel experience that brings history – The Order: 1886 carriage – and today’s technology – Uber – together."

Oh, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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8 years ago

wow, such great marketing for all the parties involved.

Banky A
Banky A
8 years ago

Noooo I missed it. I didn't even know about it man. Wasn't doing anything on Wednesday.

8 years ago

dam i missed it and it was right in my neck of the woods feeling pritty bummed right now, just hope there is a next time that would have been epic!!!!!!!. not to mention that something finally came to AK,NZ and it missed it -_-

happy gaming

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