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Retro Style Axiom Verge Headed To PS4, Vita On March 31

Old-school shooter fans unite!

One of my new favorite terms is "Metroidvania," which describes an old-fashioned game structure that blends the classic Metroid and Castlevania styles.

That's what we find in Axiom Verge , which was actually developed by a lone individual. As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , the retro title will launch for PlayStation 4 and Vita on March 31 for the reasonable price of $19.99. It does support Cross Buy, too; buy one version and get the other at no extra charge. Developer Tom Happ said making the game has been "the greatest experience of my professional life."

As Trace, a scientist in a hostile alien world, we have to use power-ups, explore our environment, and escape unscathed. Happ revealed some of those power-ups; there's Nova, Drill, and Address Disruptor. Check the link above for the full descriptions of each. You can also find some super cool gameplay at the Blog, too!

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8 years ago

Everything is retro style. How about retro PS1 style JRPGs or something?

8 years ago

sounds interesting enough i did like metroid when i was in highschool in my mid teens so might be worth a look

happy gaming

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