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Alien: Isolation Lost Contact DLC Is A Definite Challenge

Oh goody, one life.

Sega has revealed the latest downloadable content for Alien: Isolation ; it's called Lost Contact and it's available now.

The new expansion adds a new Salvage Challenge to the game's Survivor Mode, along with a second Survivor Challenge. In the latter quest, players will only have a single life, which of course means that if you die, that's it. While playing this and other Challenges, you'll receive rewards and points that can be redeemed for new items. Now, if you earn enough points in the new Survivor Challenge, you can pick up an extra save slot, but your position on the Leaderboard will take a hit.

You're in search of Axel, who's stranded in a remote part of the Sevastopol space station. You'll have to complete ten tasks, which become increasingly more difficult…think you're up to it?

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mk ultra
mk ultra
9 years ago

Just finished this game on nightmare. If your into the Alien franchise, especially the first movie, they're a must play.

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