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Grim Fandango Remastered Now Available For Pre-Order

It's one of the most respected games on earth and if you've never played it, you need to remedy the situation.

If you haven't heard, Grim Fandango Remastered is headed to PlayStation 4, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux on January 27. It's a re-imagining of one of Tim Schafer's classic adventures and it's hard to think of it without smiling.

It's currently available to pre-order for PC at or for PS4/Vita on the PlayStation Network. Pre-ordering gets you a bonus dynamic PS4/Vita theme, too, and it'll probably be the best $15 you've ever spent. The Remastered version gives the original PS1 game pretty high-def graphics, a re-recorded score, and even developer commentary. Plus, you get to play one of the most unique, atmospheric video games ever created. Next up: Psychonauts ! …uh, right, Tim?

Seriously, how can you pass it up?

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8 years ago

I am so very excited about this game. I've been waiting a very long time play it.still not pre ordering it though. It's a digital game. What's the point?

Last edited by trumpetmon65 on 1/14/2015 12:45:49 PM

mk ultra
mk ultra
8 years ago

Getting this for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if this sold better now then it did originally. It has over fifteen years worth of hype now, and a lot of people haven't played it. Half-Life took all the love that year.

8 years ago

I just have to say for anyone who hasn't played this before (aka all the non-PC gamers out there for example) if you're only going to buy one game this year, make this it!!

If you like comedy, if you've ever liked an adventure game like Heavy Rain, Walking Dead this is a must buy!

8 years ago

alright fine i'll play this game some time after it comes out can't say when but i will try it cos say i need to looks okay too so no worries

happy gaming

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