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The Last Of Us: Remastered Free With Your PS4 Purchase

If you don't yet own a PlayStation 4, here's a fresh incentive.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , Sony is now selling the PlayStation 4 with a copy of The Last Of Us: Remastered . The console price is the same ($400) so the game is free.

The deal will be available at retailers "over the next few days" in North America and it's very attractive. Not only should the PS4 really come into its own in 2015 but The Last Of Us: Remastered is just an amazing update of an already amazing game. If, however, you're not interested in that game, you can still participate in the "Four Games, One Pick" promotion, which gives you the option of Destiny , Far Cry 4 , LittleBigPlanet 3 , or NBA 2K15 .

You'll be sorry if you don't own a PS4 this year!

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8 years ago

F()ck me son. Xbox just died.

mk ultra
mk ultra
8 years ago

I'm happy I struck during the GTAV bundle that also came with TLoU. It was a digital copy,but still.

Off topic: That power pad with Stadium Events is over $99K!! I have a copy of that game with a power pad all in excellent condition, with original boxes and manuals. Not in mint, but I'd take a couple hundred for it.

8 years ago

well any gestures postive ones are nice how big or small so bundles are nice

happy gaming

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