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Shadow Of Mordor Leads This Year’s GDC Award Nominations

The nominees for the 15th annual Game Developers Choice Awards have been announced .

There are some well-deserving titles in there, and that includes Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor , which is nominated for five awards, including Game of the Year.

Other titles to receive multiple nominations were Destiny and Alien: Isolation , both of which were also nominated for overall GotY, believe it or not. Dragon Age: Inquisition was only an Honorable Mention for the GotY category, as was Far Cry 4 and Titanfall . Winners will be announced on March 4; which games do you think will take home the hardware?

I'm kinda hoping MachineGames win Best Debut for Wolfenstein: The New Order , and Child of Light better win for Best Visual Art. And does anyone else find it slightly ironic that Assassin's Creed Unity is an Honorable Mention for Best Technology…?

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8 years ago

I bought this, tried it. I see some great combat here which is refreshingly different from the mash-fest that Dragon Age has become. The fact that you're in Mordor and it's all a wasteland with no interesting places makes me unable to continue. I need variety and more story in my mission based RPGs. Gonna sell, but great effort.

8 years ago

Did you get to the second map? It is much more lush and enjoyable to explore than the first area.

I agree Dragon Age is easy to mash in especially if you know how to build optimally and exploit the way classes work. Even in Nightmare you can dominate with ease.

If you are getting bored of mordor just do the story missions and skip the filler, only complete yellow missions. But get to the second map I think you will like it. If you have already then sell away my good sir.

8 years ago

yes very ironic about AC unity as for the what game will take what award(s) home is anyones guess really you can't really be sure

happy gaming

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