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ZHEROS, A New Co-Op Action/Brawler, Coming To PS4

If you want some good clean beat-'em-up fun, developer Rimlight Studios has just the ticket.

It's the debut title from this team and it's called ZHEROS , which is a co-op action/brawler headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You'll join up with the ZHEROS squad and take on various "twisted forces" in an alternative futuristic universe. Fun, accessible combat mixes with "outrageous characters" and for more, here's a description that goes along with the gameplay video (see it below):

"BLAST OFF into the unknown vastness of the galaxy and join Mike & Dorian, as they face the twisted forces that threaten the universe. Unleash powerful combos, choose among a variety of guns and when things get really tough climb on your trusted mechanical armor and take down, once and for all, the enemies standing in your path."

ZHEROS will be ready to go some time later this year. It looks like a cross between Knack and Ratchet & Clank , doesn't it?

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8 years ago

Looks more like a rachet and clank rip off. I dont see the Knack look.

8 years ago

Looks a bit like Knack to me as well to be honest, in the way that the melee combat works. I actually liked Knack so I don't have a problem with it looking like it 😛

8 years ago

yeah It looks like a cross between Knack and Ratchet & Clank although more rachet but the melee style stuff does remind me of knack loos like a good 2 player co-op game well i and my friend will be happy to finally have something to play 2 player on the ps4 which is great thats all i got

happy gaming

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