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UK Gamers Can Snag A Black Or White PS4 For Only £280

If you live in the UK and you didn't get that PlayStation 4 you wanted for Christmas, here's your consolation.

Amazon UK is offering new PS4 systems for only £280, which is £50 less than the standard retail price.

You can get either the white or black console and it's the best deal you're going to find. GAME currently sells Sony's new game system for £330, for example. It seems you might've missed a deal where Amazon was tossing in a free digital copy of Driveclub but at least you can save some cash. The PS4 is the second-fastest selling game machine in UK history (second only to the PS2), after having sold 1 million units in only 42 weeks.

And if you still don't have one, 2015 is the year when you'd really miss it.

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8 years ago

I bought mine for 300 and sold DriveClub boxed and The Last of Us Digital for 50, so for 250 I feel I got quite a deal 🙂

8 years ago

Those poor guys. 🙁 I guess everyone can't be as lucky as me and pay full price.

8 years ago

well isn't that nice but its still quite expensive but i still think think they could bring the price down to 250 pounds cos that closer to what nz/au pays which is always a bit more than the US cos (300mil+ people) but even so i think the UK get scronged more than the rest of us US and japan get it the easiest then euro probs

happy gaming

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