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Thief Out Of The Shadows Trailer Leaked

We heard about the Thief reboot last month; we were introduced to Eidos Montreal's The City and the return of an iconic character.

Now, a new leaked trailer is making the Internet rounds. Bear in mind that the new title is slated to launch for next-generation platforms some time next year. Here's hoping it's early next year…

There's a lot to like about this new trailer. The visuals are quite astounding but of course, most all next-gen graphics appear quite impressive when you first see them. The premise reminds us a little of last year's excellent Dishonored , in that we're exploring a plague-ridden and corrupt city, and it's usually best if we stick to the shadows. For old-school Thief fans, this is probably a sight for sore eyes; they've been talking about a sequel for years now.

Well, take heart. It's coming!