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New Snipers-Only Mode Coming To Advanced Warfare

If you're not a big fan of snipers in Call of Duty , you should turn away now.

Developer Sledgehammer Games has announced a brand new sniper-oriented multiplayer mode for the recently released Advanced Warfare .

It's called One Shot and it's a snipers-only mode where all players have reduced health and they must choose from specific classes. Each of the five classes were custom designed by Sledgehammer and they even had the help of pro CoD player NaDeSHoT, so they could test a player's sniping ability. Each class also features the MORS, a bolt-action railgun sniper weapons, plus a bunch of perks, scorestreaks, and Exosuit abilities. For more info, check out the game's website .

Hey, snipers need love, too…contrary to popular belief in the FPS community.

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8 years ago

That actually sounds kind of interesting, could be a little more tactical and a bit less…clusterf*cky than the traditional fps multiplayer. Mind you it could also involve a bunch of people running around trying to use snipers at point blank range…

8 years ago

most people aren't snipers which is why people don't like them so much but when ur the sniper is always a different story but i usually find it difficult cos i usally go semi auto and auto but not bult again its too slow at the ranges i usually go at, and it looks like an instat-kill which people will love to hate

happy gaming

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