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Due To PSN/Live Issues, GTAO Festive Update Gets New Life

A lot of people couldn't access the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live over the past few days, and Rockstar understands the frustration.

As such, they're extending the window of opportunity for the Grand Theft Auto Online Festive update, as the developer revealed on Twitter :

"Due to issues with PSN & XBL connectivity, we're extending the GTA Online Festive Surprise Christmas Day inventory gifts for the time being."

For now, we're not sure how long this winter-y, Christmas-y update will be available, so you'd better grab it while you still can. Both the PSN and Live have been suffering from outages ever since the DDoS attacks on Christmas Eve. Live has recovered a bit faster than Sony's Network but neither service is operating at 100 percent right now.

I've never really understood these holiday-themed updates and expansions, anyway. I mean, they're cool for about a week.

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8 years ago

yeah the PSN and xblive things were anoiying for all at christmas it suck badly

happy gaming

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