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Lords Of The Fallen 2 In The Works

It's probably worth a sequel, especially if developer CI Games takes several steps in the right direction.

The studio's executive producer, Tomasz Gop, confirmed on Facebook (via Eurogamer ) that work has begun on Lords of the Fallen 2 .

Gop says the "vision and concept" phase has started but that's about all we know right now. Lords of the Fallen wasn't a bad game at all but it needed a bit more spit-polish. One thing we'd really want is a much more interesting story and better characters, along with more inspired level design. And of course, we'd like to see more depth and refinement in the battle system as well.

It's definitely a game that's worth playing, though, especially if you're attracted to the exceedingly dark, fantastical atmosphere.

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8 years ago

well i think its nice to see some reasonable games getting sequals compared to oldy modies as you might say i happy for these guys and i will be picking this up on the ps4 next year sometime looking forward to it

happy gaming

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