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Disgaea 5: An Alliance Of Vengeance Comes West Next Fall

Hope you get all caught up on your backlog by next fall.

NIS America has announced that Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance for PlayStation 4 is coming to North America and Europe in Fall 2015. The newly announced sub-title is in reference to the game's Alliance Attack battle system that allows main characters to use special skills when their "relationships are appropriately aligned."

For those looking for a serious amount of depth (as if it's any surprise to find it in Disgaea ), there will be over 40 races and jobs, along with a new stats-boosting system called Revenge Mode. This new Mode "empowers your characters with bonus stats when they've become fed up of their allies being beat on." Disgaea 5 is supposed to boast over 100 characters on screen at the same time, as opposed to the mere 10 the PS3 could handle.

Japan gets the game in question on March 26, by the way. Remember when Japan always got games first? Doesn't seem that long ago.

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8 years ago

OFF TOPIC…Target thru their Cartwheel thing has Sony PS4 Consoles 15% off! Not sure best way to share this but I wanted to help.

Spread the word and help grow the Playstation nation!

Stay Classy PSX…

8 years ago

This and Hyperdimension are going to force me to get a Ps4 sooner than I wanted.They should however change that release date in Japan so it won't be crushed by Bloodborne.

8 years ago

more games is good right even if i've never really knowing much about theis series of games

happy gaming

8 years ago

Urgh… looks like my hand is being forced as to getting a PS4 sooner rather than later. If it is supposed to be so impressive, I couldn't see it coming to the Vita like the others (with the exception of D2… for now…).

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