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“Unknown” Inquisition Bug Causing A Lack Of Conversation

If you've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for a while, you may have questioned the frequency of character interaction.

Players have found that the characters aren't as talkative as they were in previous entries; the party banter just isn't as pronounced.

However, that may not be intentional. Developer BioWare has discovered that this could be due to an unknown glitch in the game's code. If they can find it and fix it, your companions will become more conversational. QA analyst Allan Schumacher is asking fans who have played for more than 60 hours to explain their experiences and share their save files. Maybe this way, he can figure out what's going on.

Visit the community thread to participate and help out.

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9 years ago

actually, its not just the conversations. sometimes during gameplay, all the sound will just disappear and seem like a really far away echo. i have to press options a few times to make it work again, its really weird.

9 years ago

I've had to turn the subtitles back on for the conversations as the sound can cut out completely.

In other news that amazingly still hasn't shown up on the main page yet , old news at this rate since it was announced two or three days ago that there's a version of Dark Soul's 2 with all dlc packs, extra npcs and large number of multi player players coming to new gen consoles.

9 years ago

well thats interesting cos i thought we were suppose to get more talking

happy gaming

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