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Sniper Elite III DLC Delivers New Modes, Missions, Weapons

If you enjoyed the latest Sniper Elite , you'll likely take an interest in the downloadable content.

Today, 505 Games and developer Rebellion have announced more free and paid DLC; it is currently available on PlayStation 4 and it'll arrive on other platforms "shortly."

First, the free stuff: You can nab a new single-player mode, a new co-op mission, a new multiplayer mode, and three multiplayer maps. If you'd like to up your arsenal, you can purchase the International Camouflage Rifles Pack and/or the U.S. Camouflage Rifles Pack; each retails for $2.99.

The new single-player mode is called The Shooting Range and you can test out 20 different firearms (including all the new DLC weapons) and four unique shooting challenges. The new co-op mission is called Twilight Strike: You and a friend will have to drive the Germans out of Tobruk and retake the town. Plus, as the name implies, you'll be doing this under cover of darkness, and don't forget that it will feature "more open level design, more choices, optional hidden objectives and new achievements."

Lastly, the new Multiplayer Mode is the classic Capture the Flag. That needs no explanation, of course. If you haven't tried the game yet, we said that while improvements can be made, Sniper Elite III is an improved, entertaining series entry.

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9 years ago

well new stuff is always good but as DLC or more money is it really neccessary like couldn't we really have had this with the game to begin with

happy gaming

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