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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD “Enter The Fray” Trailer Released

For Final Fantasy fans, March can't get here soon enough.

That's when the long-anticipated Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches for PlayStation 4. The game will also come with a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV .

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Type-0 HD ; it's called "Enter the Fray" and brings you into the war-torn world of Orience, where the Miltesi Empire has begun to invade the Dominion of Rubrum. The video also shows off the 14 members of Class Zero, and each has his or her own weapons and style. March 17 is the day and if you pre-order at (or other participating retailers), you can nab that FFXV demo!

I've got no interest in either but here's hoping some fans out there are excited.