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Primal Carnage: Extinction Roars Onto PlayStation 4 in 2015

Dinosaurs are always cool.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , developer Circle 5 Studios will bring Primal Carnage: Extinction to the PlayStation 4 in the first quarter of 2015.

If you're wondering, the previously announced Primal Carnage: Genesis – a single-player, episodic game – has been put on hold. The new effort is a class-based, online multiplayer shooter that's "unlike any other on the PS4 platform." In the game, you can either play as one of the heavily armed mercenaries, or as one of the dinosaurs. This reminds us a bit of the upcoming Evolve , which lets you play as either a human hunter or the monster.

As for Genesis , they might revisit the project in the future "if everything goes well." For now, though, the emphasis is squarely on Extinction . Check it out:

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9 years ago

Awesome. I enjoyed Primal Carnage on PC. I look forward to trying this out.

9 years ago

so evolve vs this…kind of. sounds cool, will def try it out.

9 years ago

looks beast and the funny thing is i've kinda always want to play an awsome dino game. like run around as a dino and do awsoe stuff

happy gaming

9 years ago

Cool, we need more dinosaur games. My kids are absolutely crazy about dinosaurs, but so many of the games out there are all about killing them…

It would be great to have a fun dinosaur game that isn't all about killing dinosaurs. Or at least have a tranquilizer option so I can tell the kids "We're just capturing the dino so we can tag it and study it". Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter has a tranq option, and it's pretty good.

There was a BBC series back in 2006 with Nigel Marven called Prehistoric Park. It was about going back in time and capturing/luring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals back to save them from extinction and create a modern prehistoric wildlife sanctuary. I know there probably wouldn't be much mass appeal for a game like that, but I would be all over it.

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