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Japan Gets GTAV PlayStation 4 Bundle

Hey, Japanese players like Grand Theft Auto , too.

In fact, the distinctly Western franchise has often fared well in the Land of the Rising Sun, so this is a great option for Japanese gamers.

According to Sony Japan's website , a GTAV PlayStation 4 bundle will grace store shelves on December 11. It will retail for 44,980 yen, which is about $415. Take-Two Interactive hasn't announced a similar bundle for North America, although we'd like to assume one will arrive for the holiday rush. The updated version of GTAV is said to be quite the experience on next-gen consoles…

Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 and Xbox One launches on November 18, while the PC version will follow early next year.

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9 years ago

If I wouldn't buy PS4 3 months ago, I would definately go for this bundle. If it comes to Europe that is:)

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