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FFXV TGS Panel Now Available In English

It can be frustrating without a translation.

So, Final Fantasy fans should be happy that Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show panel is now available with English subtitles.

This doesn't offer any earth-shattering new details but there are a few points of interest. For instance, there will be a jump button and weapons will have specific skills associated with them. As for combat, there will be a basic Assault command, along with a Skill command and Jump. They say the fighting has similarities to Final Fantasy Type-0 but it's "shaping up to be its own thing."

No new gameplay, either, but if you missed it, check out the TGS footage . Also, don't forget that if you pick up Type-0 in March, you'll gain access to a FFXV demo called "Episode Duscae." The demo should run you 2-3 hours if you take your time and explore.

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