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Thief Reboot Planned To Sneak Onto Next-Gen Platforms In 2014

It started with what appeared to be 16 leaked screenshots from a presumed next-generation Thief title.

And before long, we learned that in fact, the next-gen Thief project will grace the cover of next month's Game Informer .

Eidos Montreal has been working "for years" to issue this reboot of the classic stealth series, and hero Garrett returns to "The City." This is a Gothic, industrial metropolis that vaguely reminds us of Dunwall in last year's Dishonored . And much like Dunwall, The City is ravaged by a terrible plague that creates plenty of social tension, and there's a political tyrant – the Baron – who rules with a brutal iron fist. Square Enix intends to release this Thief reboot for the PS4 and PC at some point next year, but the game is also planned for "other next-gen consoles."

This could be one of the very best games during the early years of the next generation. Those who remember Thief from yesteryear probably recall it with a great fondness…