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PS4 Owners Should Keep The Talos Principle On Their Radar

Now this is the kind of game that'll really make you think.

If you haven't heard of The Talos Principle just yet, now's the time to head on over to the PlayStation Blog . One of the writers, Tom Jubert, discusses this "first-person philosophical puzzler" from developer Croteam.

Surprisingly enough, these are the guys that brought you the hectic, over-the-top Serious Sam games. They're pulling a 180 with this new IP, though, as players will assume the role of a "robot body in a digital recreation of the ancient world." As for the puzzles, they have their roots in "experimental puzzle mechanics" that were initially designed for Serious Sam 4 . This will have a decided FPS tinge but obviously, it won't be about shooting everything in sight.

The Talos Principle will release later this year for the PlayStation 4, and we strongly recommend that you keep an eye on it.

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9 years ago

Would depend on the kind of puzzles, my brain always makes things more difficult than they are.

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