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Avalanche Studios Releases Teaser Image For Just Cause 3?

It's probably a safe assumption that Avalanche Studios is working on Just Cause 3 . But is this the first screenshot of the anticipated project…?

Avalanche co-founder Christofer Sundberg released to Kotaku this blurry teaser image, which is believed to be for one of the team's three unannounced projects. Apparently, it's some dude riding a motorcycle through a desert while he kicks an adversary into the sand.

This may indeed be something from a new next-generation Just Cause project, especially because we think we see a grappling hook in the character's left hand. And if it is a sequel, then this may be the first installment that doesn't feature a tropical setting of some kind. Then again, this could be a teaser pic for another of Avalanche's new games – dubbed "Project Mamba" – which is set to launch on next-gen systems and PC in 2014. It's hard to say right now, but it's always fun to speculate.

It's also fun to speculate on the potential quality of that image: Could that be something we'd see on a next-gen console? It's kinda hart to tell…

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11 years ago

Hooray! Just Cause was one of the most fun open world games in recent memory.

11 years ago

As a gamer whp loves sandbox games, it's unusual that i would dislike many of them even if the game has some technical issues. But i cant get into these just cause games. I tried 1 & 2 but something seems off. I have similar issues with Mercenaries.
I dont want to sound vain but maybe the next gen polish will pique my interest once again

11 years ago

Well Ben, I believe it is a new Just Cause, but don't let the fact that you can't see a tropical setting let you think there isn't one. When you stood in the desert on 2 you couldn't easily see any trees around at all. Regardless, I have faith in this developer to make a good game. I just hope that if it is another Just Cause, that maybe they'll increase the speed of their air vehicles.

11 years ago

if theres ONE game that NEEDS to be a ps4 launch title its this!
it offers EVERYTHING a next gen console needs, and solves so many of the problems.
allot of launch games are just sequels or ports of games we already have, and those that are purpose built are just boring and same old same olds because the install base is so small publishers dont want to take a risk.
this though while being technically a sequel, there really is NO game out there like just cause!
and the other problem, few games.
well does not matter because just cause always offers up hundreds of hours of F U N !!!!!!!!

really hope manufactures open up next gen systems so we can start installing our own software and mods.
JC2 on PC the perfect example of console games missing out on so much!
i was blown away when i saw the multitude of mods for JC2, and especially some of the more unique clever ones.
than theres the trainers, so you can screw around with unlimited ammo, full health, unlimited explosives, ect, ect.

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