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Destiny Classes And Enemies Get New Details And Trailer

Destiny is kinda like Borderlands on steroids. But a benevolent form of steroids; you know, drugs that don't mess with your innards.

The anticipated shared-world shooter in the works at Halo developer Bungie is set to launch on September 9. And they've just given us more class and enemy information, all of which indicate great diversity and depth.

As reported by CVG , we're now familiar with the Titan, Hunter and Warlock classes, as well as foes like the Vex, Cabal, Hive and Fallen.

The Titans built the Wall and now they've sworn to protect it. Essentially, this is the default hero class, with plenty of strength and overall capability. Then there are the Hunters, who once prowled the wilderness and wastelands as outlaws. Now, they use their own brand of "daring and ingenuity" to take down their enemies. The Warlocks study the entity known as the Traveler, and learn some of its arcane energies. Yep, a mage, and who would've thought we'd see such a character in a shooter?

Click the link above to learn more about each of the enemies, and check out the video below for a glimpse of each character class. Which of these classes sound most appealing to you?