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Cel Damage HD Heading To PS4, PS3, And Vita On Tuesday

Do you miss vehicular carnage? Twisted Metal was the poster child for the genre, but there used to be others, too.

One of them was Cel Damage , which originally launched for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube back in 2001. Developed by Pseudo Interactive, this vehicular car combat game was very much like Twisted Metal , only with cel-shaded graphics.

Now, Sony has announced that Cel Damage HD is headed to more PlayStation consoles: PS4, PS3 and Vita, and it will land this coming week on April 22. It'll only cost you $9.99 and PlayStation Plus members can get an additional 10 percent off during the game's first week of availability. It'll feature 6 playable characters, 10 cars, 13 arenas and over 30 power-ups.

For the record, this HD upgrade is new developer Finish Line's first production.

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10 years ago

looks wacky

10 years ago

sounds gud if its anything like dirt showdown it'll be fine

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

really miss car combat games, i wish they would make a comeback.
especially the open world car combat games, things like burnout dominator and full auto battlelines 2.
imagine how cool a open world game like burnout paradise could be if they strapped chain guns and rocket launchers to the cars!
kart racers have taken a massive decline too, shame mod nation racers did not take off like it should of that was actually allot of fun!
really loved the drifting mechanic in that, just felt so right, so natural.
shame the game had to spoil it with the cheap difficulty and level design.
its a shame we have to look to mario kart 8 to get our car combat fix.

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