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Daylight Needs More Time To Prep

Oh, don't worry. It's only a matter of weeks.

We were supposed to get the freaky, creepy Daylight on April 8, but developer Zombie Studios needs a bit more time: The game will now launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC on April 29.

Atlus, the game's publisher, says the design team just needs some extra time to tighten things up on Level Three. As for the price, they confirmed a regular retail price of $14.99; however, if you purchase it within the first two weeks of the title's availability, you can get it for only $11.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers will enjoy an even more attractive $9.99 price tag. If you pre-order the game for PC, you'll only pay $9.99 as well.

Daylight is one of several promising horror-themed titles set for 2014. With a procedurally generated environment that changes each time you play, this one could be very intriguing. Don't forget that it also features a script penned by veteran Jessica Chobot. To learn more, check out our preview .

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10 years ago

gotta love how they wait 5 days before release to announce delays, i mean you just realised now!?
hate it how publishers wait till the very last minute to announce these things!
oh well, i just hope this is not a repetitive borefest hide and seek game like outlast was.

10 years ago

That's fine.

10 years ago

well for once in a while it's gud to see some one other than the bigger boys being straight up and giving the time to the dev that they need and not throwing out a half ass product good on em'

happy gaming =)

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