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Modder Creates Single-Handed Dual Shock 4 For Disabled Gamers

Now this is the kind of modification we can all get behind.

Well-known modder Ben Heck created a single-handed Xbox One controller for disabled gamers; now he's done it for the PlayStation 4 controller.

Heck tore down the standard Dual Shock 4 and reassembled all the controller's left buttons on the right side, so those with a disability can still play with only one hand. If you're wondering how he did it, he'll explain during this week's installment of The Ben Heck Show (teaser below). The single-handed Xbox One controller was donated to the Able Gamers Foundation, which was a darn good idea. However, the modded Dual Shock 4 will be given to an element14 community viewer.

For more on Heck's creations, check out his website .