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Trials Fusion Revs Up In April

You up for a rousing off-road experience?

Then you'll want to sign on for Trials Fusion . Ubisoft has announced that it'll launch in the US on April 16 (two days later in the UK); it'll be available in both digital and physical formats, and the digital version will cost $19.99. The physical copy will retail for $40, and all versions will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The next-gen installments will come with a Season Pass, which gives players access to six planned downloadable content packs. These will roll out over the course of the next year, ending on April 30, 2015. For the record, the Trials franchise has always been a digital series; this is the first time it'll be coming to retail. As developer Red Lynx's managing director Tero Virtala told GameSpot :

"In April, when people get their hands on Trials, they’ll find it is the biggest and best Trials game ever. But we already have a roadmap of expansions, content packs and a plan for how we intend to keep on growing the game and making it bigger and better."

It's cool that PS4 owners will get a shot at this one; previously, these games have only graced the Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

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10 years ago

A $20 difference between digital and physical, what gives?

The last motocross game I enjoyed was Motocross Madness for PC way back in the late 90s. Even came with a controller that had sixaxis features. For $20 and digital I'd check this out.

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
10 years ago

I only remember playing a game like this on a PC on website which probably gave me many virus. Might of been a flash game. This looks awesome though.

10 years ago

no ps3 just saying but i wud be more inclided to get the retail cos it's the whole game(including DLC) cos other wise it'd feel cheated abit

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

I played both trials on 360 and both games were fantastic. I ended up spending more time in trials evolution than I did in most full retail games I buy. it's fun, challenging (sometimes way too challenging) and addictive as all hell. You playstation loyalists don't know what you missed in this game and I am so happy that you will soon know. I have no doubt that it will be a must buy.

And of course I am happy that they follow me onto PS4 🙂

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