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PS4 Allows Game Division To Soar In Q4

In with the new!

Sony has revealed their financial results for the last quarter, and the PlayStation 4 helped the game division's revenue rise 64.6 percent to ¥441.8 billion ($4.2 billion).

Unfortunately, as you might expect, sales of the PS3 fell, which partially offset the positive earnings. The company didn't really go into detail concerning the "significant decrease" in PS3 sales, but do we really need that explanation? Of course, many expect PS3 sales to continue going strong for a while, so we'll have to see how the "old" system does in 2014.

Sony only reported the sales of the PS3 and PS4 together, which came in at 7.8 million consoles. For the record, 4.2 million PS4 units had been sold as of the end of December. Combined Vita and PSP sales came in at 2 million, as opposed to 2.7 million during the same period last year. Software sales hit 126 million (physical and digital), way up from the 84 million tallied during the 2012 final quarter. Oh, and there has been a "dramatic increase" in PlayStation Plus subscriptions…again, duh.

Operating income in the game division skyrocketed 292.1 percent to ¥18 billion ($172 million), thanks mostly to the PS4 and "favorable exchange rates." Overall, Sony posted a revenue of ¥2.4 trillion ($22.9 billion) and a profit of ¥27 billion ($257 million) for the quarter. The bad news is that 5,000 jobs will be cut, and they're selling off the VAIO PC brand, as well as spinning of its TV business.

Lots of big changes, yes?

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10 years ago

Their PCs are crap and always underperformed in the market so I say it's been a long time coming.

10 years ago

Downvote me but wont reply? You coward!

10 years ago

I gave you a thumbs up and I will reply. I've never heard anyone say something good about Sony VAIO PC's. I would assume that they are indeed crap. It's a good thing they know how to make game consoles.

10 years ago

I'm pretty sure Jawk has one and he may like it. I personally have never had a good experience with them. Fixed far too many of them to ever have a positive thought about them.

Thanks for the reply! As usual the "haters" remain silent.

10 years ago

and that is what REALLY pisses me off about $ony lately!
they have cheapened everything down to its last dime, and whatever they cant they get rid of!
hell, $ony was the worlds first company to offer the portable music player, you cant go into the world of music without hearing the name walkman!
now, walkman has been dwindled down to a tiny cheap piece of sh*t!
theres tons of portable music players on the market similarly priced, if not cheaper, and have 100 times the quality the B or E series could only dream of!
this is what the creator, the originator, the mac daddy, has been dwindled to!
we need the $ony who was the originator, the innovator, the good old days where the word $ony ALWAYS meant both cutting edge technology and design, but also the highest quality possible.
not cheaper, cheaper, it has to be made cheaper!

vaio another example.
vaio use to be the apple of the windows market, they were really well designed, made of metal instead of cheap plastic, looked as good if not better than macs and every laptop on the market, and were the most reliable laptop out there!
now days, well, let it put it this way.
when i went into JB last month and asked which laptop i should buy, and asked about vaio, all he would say is the first touch screen they released, well, they had allot of problems of the screen snapping in half.
thats QA for ya!
put in his words if all we sold was vaio, we would go bankrupt in weeks the amount of customer complaints and refund we have to go through!
typical modern $ony, dumb it down so its cheap as chips, or sell it off.

one thing that didnt help that though, which really could of built up the vaio range in popularity and profitability BEFORE they went cheap pieces of crap, they missed a big opportunity, for some reason there the only laptop manufacture out there who has never really had a high end gaming model.
so many times over the year ive bought so many gaming notebooks, and have always wanted to buy a vaio because at the time they had a really good reliability reputation and looked so much nicer than the competition, but they never really offered the high gaming specs ASUS rog series, or alienware, or toshibas quosmio range offers.
ok theres not going to be as many people wanting a high cost high spec model, but hell asus and alienware or origin seem to be doing pretty dam well!
one of the biggest advantages vaio had over others was their look and design, there almost the apple of windows.
there products were always really well designed and looked extremely high quality.
that would of been the perfect selling point, reason, to buy a vaio over a alienware, origin, dell XPS, asus rog, ect, ect.
hell ASUS never did continue their licensing deal with lamborghini to continue the VX7 range, $ony should of picked that up where asus left and turned their design and high build quality into another level.

its amazing how few 17" laptops there are these days.
no, seriously.
my asus G75, had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many problems with asus!
my G75 went into the shop 3 times within the space of 2 months, than the 4th time i lost it and said i want a refund, then they said they conveniently were unable to get the parts because the replacement the G750 was out and gave me a refund.
i spent almost a year looking for a new 17" gaming notebook, and your choices are pathetically slim!
you either go MSI which all use crappy matte screens, alienware who are almost as bad as ASUS reliability wise and are extremely expensive, or ASUS with the replacement of my old model, or the HP envy 17 which really is not a high end gaming model.
thats it, thats pretty much your choice of 17" gaming laptops.
MSI has like what, 4 different models which all use crappy matte screens, alienware the M17X overpriced and unreliable, ASUS G750 overpriced and unreliable, or you have your custom origin or clevo route, but they have really poor warranty.
so that goes back to the question, why is $ony the only laptop manufacture who has never offered a gaming model?
especially with playstation behind them, imagine how popular a 17" high spec lamborghini designed notebook which can access PSN and play all the PSN games would have been!
you always need a reason to stand out, to say this is why you buy our line instead of a competitor.
what better sell line than the playstation heritage, and beautiful lambo design!?

so i was eventually forced to look at 15" models instead because theres really no 17" i wanted to buy.
15" models really are not geared for gaming specs far too low, so thats why i ended up with the macbook pro retina.
im sick of windows PCs, every one ive had has broken within months of having it!
my mac, well, touch wood, has been fantastic!
exactly why people love apple, fantastic beautiful design, simplistic natural usage, and most importantly RELIABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last edited by ___________ on 2/7/2014 3:39:40 AM

10 years ago

Its not Sony, its the market and people. Everyone wants cheap things. Quality is not a much sought after trait for consumer electronics these days. People only care about specs. Manufacturers put in monster GPU's in laptops with total disregard for their cooling needs because that stuff sells. It may fry itself in a year, but sold product looks good on balance sheet. Apple is an exception people buy them irrespective of the cost. You can't even buy a decent keyboard intended for heavy programming use these days. Its either the cheap stuff, or really expensive gaming keyboard. Nothing in between.

10 years ago

not quite, there are still some companies out there that offer quality products, and still plenty of consumers requesting it.
panasonic for instance, while they have dropped their industry famous plasmas, they claim their LED replacements have even better color reproduction and picture quality!
allot of the parts in their newer TVs shown off at CES still uses the same technology the old kuro TVs used which made panasonics plasmas so amazing.

laptop wise, HP is really good.
a friend of mine has the HP envy 17 3D touch screen model.
one thing i love about HP there the ONLY manufacture who offers a 3D 17" touch screen, there the ONLY manufacture who uses leap motion in a gaming laptop, there one of the very few manufactures who offer a 3D 17" notebook, and best yet its only 1700 bucks!
closest competitor it has would be something like the ASUS G750 which is almost a full grand more expensive!
reliability wise, well we use them at work and in 18 years they have been rock solid!
ive had 4 of them and have never had any problems with them, hell my father his first laptop was a HP and its still going strong!

there still out there you just have to look much harder now.

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